Building Upgrade

The tender for the new build went out in mid-March and has now closed. Hopefully the contract will be awarded sometime in May/June for a June/July start date. 

Over the past few months we have continued to prepare for the new build. We have made a start in sorting out the sheds. The equipment in the two large sheds on the oval have been emptied and we are now ready to start the process of getting rid of broken and/or excess equipment. 

We have two new sheds being built shortly; one between Room 21 and the existing sheds, and the other behind Room 21. We have implemented a staggered lunch break so children have more room to play during the build, and this is working well. We will ‘tweak’ it over the coming weeks. 

High Priority Maintenance

VPPS was allocated $52,000 for targeted maintenance works, upgrades or refurbishments as per the Building Condition Assessment report that was conducted in 2018. The works which included painting, insulation, and gutters on the buildings on the Cargill Street site is now complete. 

We also had some tuck pointing done as another component of this program. The tuck pointing was done on the Junior Primary and Administration buildings, and that is also finished. 

Rooms 19 and 20

As part of regular maintenance inspection, we became aware that the floors in Rooms 19 and 20 were rotting and becoming unsafe. The floors are being completely replaced and sand excavated from under the floor to allow for additional ventilation. The work is scheduled to be completed at the end of this week with children returning to their regular rooms next week. 

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