At Victoria Park Primary School, the English teaching and learning program is designed using the Western Australian Curriculum balancing and integrating the three strands of Language, Literature and Literacy.

English helps create confident communicators, imaginative thinkers and informed citizens. It is through the study of English that individuals learn to analyse, understand, communicate with and build relationships with others and with the world around them. The study of English helps young people develop the knowledge and skills needed for education, training and the workplace. It helps them become ethical, thoughtful, informed and active members of society. (SCSA)

Victoria Park has implemented several whole school approaches to enhance the teaching and learning of English and to ensure that teaching is explicit, learning is inclusive and that concepts, skills and processes are continuously developed upon.  These include but are not limited to Guided Reading, Talk for Writing and Soundwaves.

Explicit teaching of listening and speaking, reading and viewing and writing take place in every classroom, with students also given the opportunity to consolidate their learning through guided and independent practice.