New Build

As announced in May 2019, when the Hon. Ben Wyatt MLA visited the school, Victoria Park Primary School will receive $7.1million for a major upgrade in the next budget.

Planning and design for the construction to provide 4 early childhood classrooms, and six general learning classrooms for Years 1-3 is set to commence in June 2019. 

The new building will also provide additional toilets, storage areas and kitchens with an upper level playground adjacent to the classrooms. Ground level parking will be provided directly below the classrooms and will incorporate a pick up/drop off point for parents. 

A story about the upgrade was featured in the community newspapers and as a media statement from the Government of Western Australia.

The contract for our new building was awarded in June 2020 to Crothers Construction. The view would be to give possession of the site for Crothers to start construction on 17 June 2020.

After the start-up meeting, it was pleasing to hear that the anticipated time for the build is 9 months. That means that we will need to make some adjustments to our operations during this time. 

Staff and Student Safety

First and foremost is your children’s safety. The building site is separate from the school and tradesmen will not enter the school grounds. There will be times however when builders will need to enter the site through Cargill Street and this will either happen on weekends, or through discussion with me.  When this occurs, all precautions will be put in place to keep your children safe.

Student Play Spaces

From the beginning of Term 3 2020, we have been fine-tuning our systems in regard to how we use the spaces within the school. Half of the students use the play spaces at any one time while the other half are either eating (lunch) or in class (recess). This system has been working well with children having more room in which to play.

Drop-off and Pick-up

The building construction firm Crothers will take possession of the Geddes Street section of the school site on Monday 22 June. This means that you will not be able to drop-off or pick up your children at Geddes Street.

In discussions with the Town of Victoria Park, the following arrangements have been made:

  • Two rangers will be allocated to Cargill Street to help with Pick-up for the duration of the build;
  • The 15 minute parking section near the basketball court will be made into a Pick-up and 
    Set-Down area;
  • We will designate this section for Year 4-6 parent Pick-ups while the other two sections near the staff car park will be for Year 1-3 students. Year 4-6 children with younger siblings will meet them and wait in the Year 1-3 zone for their parents to collect them.
  • Parents from Planet Street will be encouraged to turn at Geddes Street and drive around to enter Cargill Street from Hordern Street; and
  • The shelter put up by the P&C has been re-located to the gate close to the basketball court so children have shelter on wet days.

The following gates will be open:

  • Room 21 – for Rooms 17, 19, 20 and 21
  • Carpark Gate – predominantly for Years 2 and 3
  • Basketball Court Gate – predominately for Years 4-6 
    (Students with younger siblings can use the other gates)
  • Room 14 (opening onto Albany H’way) – predominately for any family who lives on the Geddes Street side of the school and who wishes to use this gate.

Acting upon this advice from the Town of Victoria Park, we will continue to finish at 3:00pm at Planet Street and 3:05pm at Cargill Street. Making the gap broader will create a traffic jam when all parents converge on Cargill Street at the same time. Allowing the Year 4-6 students to leave at 3:00pm did ease congestion at the gates so we will continue with this practice for the next 6 months.

New Building – Term 3 2020

Construction has started on our major upgrade of Victoria Park Primary School which will provide for future student enrolments in the growing inner city area.  As many of you have no doubt seen, the contractors have fenced off the area where the new building will be located, and brought in a demountable office, lunchroom and toilets. Most of the access to the site will be from Geddes Street but there will be the odd occasion when the contractors will need to enter from Cargill Street. 

Over the next few weeks they will be taking up the basketball court and grass, and removing some trees, the play equipment and sheds. 

We want to give the children more space in which to play so we are moving the staff cars off-site and letting the children play in the staff car park. 

Please see attached Media Statement from Government of Western Australia regarding the commencement of our new build.