Principals Welcome

Established in 1894, our school has established an outstanding reputation in the community for working closely with our families to achieve our stated purpose of ensuring that all our students are successful learners.

Our vision is that of a learning community where we promote high expectations and strong values for our students to grow into successful and resilient global citizens. As a school community, we are committed to, our school values of respect, responsibility, honesty, care and compassion, self-motivation and team work.

Comprised of wonderfully supportive families; eager, motivated students and a high calibre staff dedicated to creating a highly engaging, caring learning environment, our school provides conditions for learning that are designed to maximize successful student learning.

Awarded Independent Public School (IPS) status in 2013, we carefully recruit high performing teachers and school support staff who work in collaborative teams to ensure we maintain our high standards and create ongoing opportunities for growth and improvement.

At Victoria Park, our children participate in outstanding specialist learning programs, including Music, Health and Physical Education, Japanese (Years 3 – 6) and Library (Years 1-2) ensuring a challenging, well-rounded and encompassing curriculum is available to all.

Victoria Park is a “technology enhanced learning environment” in which students use devices such as iPads, laptops and interactive whiteboards to support and enhance their learning.   We provide students with access to devices and software that are both motivating and highly effective in improving their educational outcomes.

At Victoria Park, your child is important to us. We place children first and foremost in all our planning and decision making ensuring that your child receives the very best educational experience possible. We place high expectations on ourselves and feel a deep sense of responsibility for your children.

The Victoria Park Primary School community expects and deserves nothing less.