Principals Welcome

Kaya, Kon’nichiwa, Hello

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Victoria Park Primary School, where we promote high academic standards and strong values in our students. Established in 1894, Victoria Park Primary School has serviced the local community for nearly 130 years, in which time, it has earned an enviable reputation for producing successful and resilient global citizens.

Victoria Park Primary School is an Independent Public School and has greatly benefited from the autonomy and flexibility that this has provided us over a number of years. All staff are selected through merit selection processes, which allows the school to build on the clear expectations we have of ourselves and the skillsets required to work at Victoria Park.

Our School has recently undergone some significant capital works that has provided us with a brand new state of the art early childhood teaching block. Consisting of 5 dedicated early childhood classrooms, 5 primary classrooms, additional conference and activity spaces, along with a second story early childhood play space. This new building has allowed the school to provide 21st century learning opportunities to all of our students. Our very unique school now showcases 128 year old heritage listed learning spaces and flows into buildings designed to cater for the future needs of our students.

At Victoria Park Primary we place great value on meeting the needs of our local community and working in tandem with them to enhance learning opportunities and outcomes for our students. Our community is richly diverse, and we embrace the significant multi-cultural makeup of our school. We encourage all families in our school community to become active participants in the variety of activities and events that are included on the school calendar. This strong sense of community is supported by our dedicated and supportive School Board and Parents and Citizens Association.

As you navigate through this website, I hope you get a sense of what the Victoria Park school community has to offer your child. Our focus on the academic and social/emotional wellbeing of your child is fostered through our key school programs; Extension and enrichment, Music, Physical Education and Health, Japanese language, Digital technologies, English as an Additional Language program.

If you have any questions or concerns, I encourage you to make direct contact with me.

I look forward to meeting you.

Travis Miller
Victoria Park Primary School