Health and Wellbeing

Dental Services

The School Dental Service provides free general and preventative dental care for all enrolled students.

Students at this school attend the Mt Henry Dental Therapy Centre, located at 43 Mt Henry Rd., Salter Point WA 6152.

Parents are responsible for transporting their children to the centre, which operates from 8.15am to 4.30pm Mon-Fri and during most school holidays.

Your child will receive an appointment card at some stage throughout the school year. All enquires are to be made directly to Mt Henry Dental Therapy, as the school has no involvement with appointments.

Contact the Centre
Mt Henry Dental Therapy
43 Mt Henry Road
Salter Point WA 6152
T: 9313 1622

Community Health Nurse

The Community Health Department provides the services of a Community Nurse one day per fortnight (or equivalent).  The aim is to ensure, as far as possible, that every child remains fit and well in order to gain the greatest benefit from education and enjoyment of life. 

The nurse covers many health promotion activities at the school, including:- 

  • Screening students for health problems
  • First aid
  • Backup and support of the school health education program. 

Children identified are given regular follow-up checks.  The nurse will see a child that either the teacher or parents are concerned about.

Student Services

Our school is fortunate to have the services of a School Psychologist, and School Nurse who deal with educational, social issues and difficulties respectively.  The Principal and Deputy Principal meet with the School Psychologist regularly to discuss students who may require their services. 

All officers are available for parental consultation upon appointment.  Appointments can be made through the school office.

Emergency Contact Details

Please ensure that all of your and your emergency contact persons’, details are kept up to date at the school. Occasionally, an emergency situation arises where it is necessary that the school contacts you or a person designated by you, and it is vital that the details are correct.

In some cases of sickness, children need to go home. If you were contacted, it would be appreciated if arrangements were made to pick your child up promptly.