All students are encouraged to show pride by wearing the official uniform with school logos. This enhances the image of the school and establishes school spirit and teamwork.
Victoria Park Primary School has contracted Tara Uniforms to stock and supply the required school uniform:

  • School Sky Blue Polo Shirt & Navy Shorts or Skort with school logos.
  • Faction polo shirt and Reversible Hat in red, royal, green or gold, with school logos.
  • Checked Dress with school logo.
  • Winter Navy/sky fleece Jacket, Navy fleece Trackpant or Leggings.
  • School backpack, homework folder and excursion bag with school logos.

Parents can conveniently order online 24/7 and have items delivered to their home address for a small cost, or for free to the school once a week on Tuesdays. Alternatively, they can buy direct or click and collect from the showroom at 1 Hasler Drive, Osborne Park and is open from 8:30am – 4.00pm Monday to Friday. Please visit their website for more details: www.tarauniforms.com.au

The Dress Code applies to students from K-Year 6. Kindergarten and Pre-Primary students are encouraged to wear the school’s uniform as it helps to identify them quickly and easily and it also provides the students with a sense of belonging to our school.
There are still some old uniform pieces (colored t-shirts and jumpers) that are available through the P & C, at cost price. These items are very sturdy and great for play on Messy Mondays.

The P & C shop is open on Assembly Fridays for 1/2 hr.

School Hats

A bucket style hat is compulsory for all outdoor play. We have a versatile, easy wearing Navy school hat available to purchase. These hats are reversable and are in line with our faction colours. Kindergarten and Pre-Primary students are also encouraged to wear these hats.

School Bags

Each Kindergarten & Pre-Primary student will require a small backpack. Their bag should be easily accessible by your child and be able to hang on a bag hook outside of their class.

School backpacks are available for purchase, although there is no compulsory requirement for school bags. The school Backpack is navy blue with the school emblem embroidered on the front. The backpacks are ergonomic, practical and more durable than other commercial school bags. It will see your child through all of primary school.

Approved items list

  • Sky polo shirts with school logo
  • Navy shorts/skorts with school logo
  • School dresses with school logo
  • Navy and blue zip jacket.
  • Navy track pants.
  • Navy leggings or tights. Three-quarter leggings are not part of the school uniform.
  • Appropriate footwear that is protective of students’ feet should be worn at all times. Thongs are not considered suitable or safe.
  • Navy bucket hat. Students must wear a bucket (or wide brimmed) hat when participating in all outdoor activities in support of our Sun Smart policy. 

Other considerations 

  • Hair longer than shoulder length needs to be tied back and loose hair clipped up.
  • When representing the school, students are to wear full school uniform. This includes all excursions and school activities outside the school.
  • Faction shirts are encouraged to be worn on designated sports days.
  • Students are not permitted to wear denim unless permitted on specific occasions as directed by the classroom teacher.
  • Students who wish to modify the dress code for religious, cultural or health reasons are required to discuss the matter with the school principal. 
  • The wearing of jewellery is discouraged for safety reasons.
  • All articles of clothing should be clearly marked with the student’s name.