Assessment and Reporting

Clear and timely reporting of your child’s achievements and progress at school is very important.

You will be kept up to date of your child’s progress during the year through a number of ways:

  • Open class at the beginning of Term 1
  • School Open night in Term 4
  • Parent-Teacher interviews at the request of either parent or teacher
  • Formal reports, which are completed at the end of each Semester (End of term 2 and 4)

On-Entry Assessments for Pre-primary

It is manditory for all Pre-primary students to participate in on-entry assessments. These assessments are conducted during Weeks 3-6 of Term 1. 

The main purpose of the On-Entry Assessment program is to provide teachers with information about the skills and understandings that the child has. This helps the teacher with their planning and development of the learning programs to ensure that the needs of the individual child is met, and also to identify children who may require early intervention.

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