Contributions and Charges

The maximum amount of Contribution that can be asked for is $60 (Education Act 1999 Section 99).  The School Board has approved an amount of $60 for 2023.  

Money collected will be used in the areas listed below.  The actual costs per child are shown in the attached table.  The quality of our teaching and learning will be maximised when each family makes its contribution to the cost of providing the range of programs at our school. 

2023 Contributions may be paid via direct deposit to the school’s bank account (account details below), EFTPOS or cash at the school office.

CHARGES (For extra optional components)

A breakdown of estimated Charges for your child’s participation in incursions, excursions and activities has been included in the schedule attached.  Details on Charges collected in previous years have influenced our 2023 Charges schedule. 

It is most important that parents understand that the schedule is a plan of POTENTIAL Charges for activities your child could be involved in.  THERE IS NO MONEY paid up front.  The amount will be called for at the appropriate time through a note from school, as has happened previously.  Only then do you decide if your child is to participate in that activity. 

The amounts indicated in the schedule attached represent the maximum charged for activities in 2023.  These amounts cannot be increased. 

The Charges scheduled includes costs associated with:

  • Specific learning activities and available to all students, but conditional upon a payment being made eg excursions, incursions etc.
  • Specific learning activities available to selected students, but conditional upon payment being made eg PEAC, Instrumental Music etc.
  • Other activities available to selected students, but conditional upon payment being made eg Graduation Dinner etc.

School Payments

Voluntary Contributions may be paid via direct deposit to:

ANZ Bank – East Victoria Park Branch

Account Name: Victoria Park Primary School   
BSB: 016-263   
Account Number: 3409 62599
Description: Your child’s name and year

EFTPOS Facilities are available through the front office.