School Mission, Vision and Priorities

Our Mission

Our School makes a difference

Our Vision

We promote high expectations and strong values for our students to grow into successful and resilient global citizens.

Our Priorities

Students at Victoria Park Primary aspire to develop a love of learning through being resilient risk takers and having a positive mindset. They strive for high achievement, embrace creative opportunity and advocate for themselves and each other. Our students have a strong sense of self and others, with the knowledge, skills and understanding to make decisions in the best interest of their community. Students at Victoria Park Primary are future focused with a sense of vision and purpose. We celebrate their successes.

Victoria Park Primary staff enjoy a sense of belonging by working in a collaborative environment to foster a growth mindset for lifelong learning. The staff at Victoria Park Primary work together in an environment of trust and acceptance to support and mentor each other in both professional capacity and personal wellbeing. Our school has a commitment to supporting and resourcing the formal and informal collaboration of our team.

At Victoria Park Primary we establish active partnerships within the wider community that will create opportunities for our students to experience enriched learning as well as giving back to the community. Our parents and wider community are valued and welcomed into our school and enjoy a sense of belonging and active partnership. At Victoria Park Primary the community are encouraged to be engaged and active participants in our student’s education and support a holistic approach. Our school keeps the community informed about the what, how, and why of our student’s education.